Cook With Leyli Joon & Co to learn the delights of our insanely delicious Korean Feast


The recipes you will learn to cook are;


  • Korean Fried Chicken Bibimbap 


Bibimbap is the ultimate Korean Rice dish - its a bowl topped with an array of stir fried vegatables and meat, fried egg and loaded with spicy gochuchang sauce. Our recipe for Bibimbap makes our famous street food Bab Haus Korean Fried Chicken the star of the show. 



  • Mandu "Korean Dumplings"


Pan fried and steamed dumplings filled with prawn and kimchi 



In this box you will have all of the ingredients to cook a delicious Korean Feast. The box comes with weighed out ingredients and a printed set of instructions. You will also be able to cook along with a video instruction demo found on Leyli Joon & Co website and social media pages. 


Serves 2


Each box will contain every ingredient that you will need, just ensure you have a dash of oil and some salt and pepper :) 


***Box contains nuts


A full set of step by step written instructions will be included. We will be posting a Cook With video of the step by step cooking instructions at 5pm on Saturday 25/4/20 on our Leyli Joon & Co instagram and facebook social media pages. 

Cook With Leyli Joon & Co Korean Feast (serves 2)

  • Your Cook With Leyli Joon & Co ingredients box will be delivered on Saturday 25/4/20  by 5pm 


    Delievery is free. 


    ***Product only available to order for Cardiff, Barry, Penarth, Caerphilly



  • The Cook With Leyli Joon & Co ingredients box and dishes all include nuts. 


    ***Product only available to order for Cardiff, Barry, Penarth and Caerphilly


    Please place your order before 4pm on Friday 25/4/20

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